Lantapan, Bukidnon :

Lantapan is a first class municipality in the Province of Bukidnon, Mindanao, Philippines. Formerly a barrio of Malaybalay City until its conversion into a municipality, by virtue of Republic Act No. 4787, which was enacted on 18 June 1968. According to the Population Commission 2007 census data, it has a population density of 51,406 people with 9,880 households.

Origin of the Name :

The town is a landlocked plateau situated between the Kalatungan and Kitanglad mountain ranges where its native name of “lantapan” was derived, that means “level-on-top” or a plateau.

Flora and Fauna :

Lantapan’s genuinely virgin forests are home to a diverse variety of flora and fauna. There are orchids, berries, pitcher plants, lichens, and a host of other wild flowers. A number of mammal species also thrived in the forests, including squirrels, monkeys, bats, flying lemurs, deer, tarsiers and wild pigs among others. The Philippine eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi) along with other bird species such as the serpent eagle and sparrow hawk takes its home within the Mt. Kitanglad Range.

The Tala’andig’s (one of the 7 tribes of Bukidnon) Ancestral Territory is native to Songco, Lantapan and some are with origin from Kalatungan. It is a community of people who are consciously preserving the ancient ways and systems of the tribe. Customary law is also enforced in the community where traditional and tribal ways of resolving conflicts and maintaining peace are employed thereby protecting tribal relations and harmony among the dwellers.

ARTS and Way of Life :

A school for living tradition was built as an avenue for elders to teach the young to learn and appreciate embroidery, dance, music, arts and literature. The rituals, music and arts, traditional knowledge and history – embodying the Tala’andig way of life – are taught and consciously practiced amidst the insurgence of modern ways and influences. Other activities involved earth paintings (painting utilizing soil as a medium), singing and dancing to traditional music, and making musical instruments and indigenous accessories among others.

MKAVI -The Mount Kitanglad Agri-Ventures, Inc. :

Lantapan is also a home to two world-class banana plantations: the Mount Kitanglad Agri-Ventures Inc. (MKAVI) and the Dole Banana Plantation, with thousands of hectares of land in the highland-barangays of the town planted with export quality bananas. The plantations started their operation in 1998 with thousands of residents of the municipality were employed while ensuring that environmental conservation practices are also observed and implemented.

Site Map :

Site Map of Lantapan

Site Map of Lantapan

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