Valencia City

Valencia City, Bukidnon :

Valencia City is a 2nd class city in the province of Bukidnon, Philippines. Based on the data from the Population commission of their 2007 census, it has a population density of  162,745 people in 28,425 households.

History :

The present location of Valencia City was formerly the thirteen barangays of the  City of Malaybalay, Bukidnon. The pioneer settlers in the area (the Poblacion proper), were Bukidnon natives who settled along the banks of Pulangui River. These pioneer settlers were led by Datu Sebastian Manangkila.

The native word Panlibatuhan, now called the Barangay Panlibatuhan is derived from a native word, “pangyohan ho kayu ha malibato”, that means “to supply Malibato wood materials for home building.”  Malibato, the hardest wood specie in the Province of Bukidnon, was found in Valencia – a landmark of the Panlibatuhan Bridge. The first site of settlement was in a sitio named “Panglibatuhan” because the area was  densely forested with Malibato trees.

When the first single-room rural public school was opened in 1911,  the first teacher was Jaime Galorport. That school site was approximately the present location of Valencia National High School. Galorport came from Valencia, Bohol. So when the Southern portion of Malaybalay was separated as a new municipality, the settlers agreed to name it as “Valencia” and it is now  the  site of the Poblacion.

Valencia City is rich in natural resources that eventually attract Christian settlers from Mindanao, Visayas and Luzon. The influx of settlers in the area started in the middle of 1930′s. During the World War II, the migration started to increase between 1960 and 1975, the population increased by 4.46 times or from 13,898 to 64,541. Today, Valencia is composed of 31 barangays and has a population of 162,745 (2007 Censal Year).

The prime author in the creation of Valencia into a town were the late Teodoro N. Pepito, the first appointed Mayor and late Ernesto Garcia, the first appointed vice-Mayor, who led the petitions to convert Valencia into a municipality. By virtue of the Executive Order No. 360 issued by then President Carlos P. Garcia, Valencia was officially promulgated on January 16, 1961. From the creation of the municipality in 1961, the municipal government had been headed by five (5) appointed and elected Municipal Mayors.

With the collaborative efforts of the Municipal officials, Employees and constituents spearheaded by Mayor Berthobal R. Ancheta and Congressman Reginaldo N. Tilanduca, Valencia was converted into City through Republic Act (R.A.) No. 8985 to be known as the City of Valencia in the Province of Bukidnon approved by then President Joseph E. Estrada. The City of Valencia is dubbed as the City of Golden Harvest.

The phenomenal rise of Valencia as an urban center in the Province of Bukidnon paved way to the fulfillment of its vision. Consequently, the conversion of Valencia into City resulted to the improvement of its peace and order condition, traffic management, infrastructure, sports and cultural facilities.

The Mayor, Honorable Leandro Jose H. Catarata became the fifth elected Mayor and the Second City Mayor of Valencia when he won the Year 2007 Mayoral Race defeating the former mayor in a slim margin of votes.

Location :

The City of Valencia is located in the heart of Mindanao. It is bounded on the Northern part by the Municipality of Lantapan and the City of Malaybalay; in the Southern part by the Municipalities of Maramag and Quezon and in the Eastern part by the Municipalities of Pangantucan and Talakag. The City comprised of 31 barangays. Barangay Poblacion, which is the seat of the City of Valencia. It is 118 kilometers southeast of Cagayan de Oro City or two-hour ride by land transportation; 169 kilometers from Davao or five-hour ride and 234 kilometers from cotabato City or six-hour drive.

It is 31 kilometers from the Seat of the Provincial Government which is housed in Malaybalay City.


Valencia City has a vast plains or generally flat in topography with areas that are considered rolling.

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