The Viewing Deck of Mangima Canyon of Bukidnon

The deck was installed by the DPWH of Bukidnon 3rd District sometime in 1998 and was developed later in early 2000. Providing a rest area in viewing the Mangima Canyon is really offers you a stunning view and short relief. Here you can take a short break,  eat your meals or snacks or have some short rest and stretching in the open cottages from a butt-numbing long drive of travel. To read more of the blog, please click the photo below….


The Bukidon Mangima Canyon Viewing Deck

The Bukidon Mangima Canyon Viewing Deck

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THE ZIPLINE EXPERIENCE!-Dahilayan Adventure Park


By Berna: Bukidnonland Writer/Contributor

The first time I learned about Dahilayan Adventure Park, the longest dual zipline in Asia, was in a national broadsheet. The picture of someone hanging  like a superman with trees and river below looked exciting. And it was located  in Manolo Fortich Bukidon, just one hour away from where I lived. So off I went to experience the said tagline of the park “experience, extreme, adrenaline”. And oh boy! True to its promise, I was not disappointed.  I went there twice,  and every visit was an experience like no other.

After my five years stay in Cebu, I decided to return to my home place for some personal reasons. And what a better way to welcome myself back was to experience it with my best friend who, like me, loves adventure.

Seven o’ clock in the morning we rode on a bus from Puerto, Cagayan de Oro bus terminal to Manolo Fortich bus stop. We asked around for a transportation to get there, and the only available was a motorcycle or “habal-habal”. After some negotiation, with P300 as the agreed amount, our driver followed the rugged road passing along corn fields, pineapple plantation, few houses where we stopped in a small store for some fuel and our chance to take pictures and even relieve our bladder.

We arrived at the site at 8 o’clock in the morning, and since it was a weekend we were number eleven on the list for the rides. My friend cannot contained her excitement that she almost forgot that we had to pay first. How can anyone not
get excited when all you see were green pine trees, the cable wires for the rides, with a little fog on the other side of the hill. It was a windy morning, I was wearing a jacket but it was still cold. However it did not hamper my excitement.
While waiting for our turn, we decided for a little sightseeing and we took a lot of pictures.  The forest park had pine trees on it with tables and benches. The scenery was also very relaxing and very rejuvenating.

We tried the three rides, 150 m, 320 m and the 840 m. Two people were suspended together with speed up to 90kph. At first I thought I could not make it since I had fear of heights. But seeing others especially children and even older people my fear was replaced with excitement. The crew made sure that safety harness were properly placed. Health Requirements like blood pressure were also considered. After the instructions were done, we started with 150 m and followed by 320m. We were suspended in a sitting position. It was so exhilarating that we cannot get enough of it. The 840m was the finale.  We were suspended like a superman. To complete the experience, digital cameras were securely tied on our hands to record each others smooth ride going to the other end of the cable.

Indeed, my friend and I experienced it, it was extreme, and what an adrenaline rush! We had big smiles on our faces even after we went back to a bumpy ride on our rented motorcycle. With pride we showed our pictures to our friends and endlessly told them about it.


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